It Began Here;

Sources state that one of the hardest thing to do as a writer is learning how to kill off your characters. Good ideas are hard to come by and sacrificing what could very well have been years of work can (and usually does) feel like getting repeatedly stabbed right in the feels.

So imagine, if you will, effectively killing off an entire species.

I first came up with Ameidjin as a Dungeons & Dragons character; a Dark Elf with Spellcasting Abilities that got warped into a Sonic the Hedgehog themed Princess, part of a race I’d named ‘Soul Stalkers’. Kinda cool, sure, but that was all the way back in High School (well over a decade ago for this author here.)

Fast forward about 7 years and following one nasty fucking breakup with a particularly violent ex, I found out my maternal grandmother committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. It was an eye-opener… An incredibly brutal way to mature and grow on a personal level and I quickly discovered the best way to deal with my anger and frustrations was to keep writing, which only truly began by coming up with much better characters. Idols and individuals with actual tales to tell and help me move my writing forward. I then realized the best way to let my new stories develop and grow was to destroy my old ones… Very much mirroring what happened to me in real life.

So my dear Ameidjin, along with her entire race of people, have been all but literally and metaphorically wiped off the face of the still-mostly-unknown, marble planet of Cirxci. I sometimes still wish I could say I was sorry.

But every ending comes with fresh beginnings.

Least, so they say…